Fine Art Clay- Past Commissions

Let me create that one-of-kind, bewitching work of fine art for your magical space. I specialize in bas-relief wall art using a variety of mediums, including lighted wall art. If you have an idea that you would like to have considered for commission please contact me at the bottom of the page.

Pricing is by size and difficulty.

I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any time. If I cancel the commission, then a full refund will be given.

If terms are agreed upon by both parties, then a non-refundable deposit of 1/2 of the commission price is due before I begin the work. The remainder will be due at the finish. Progress photos will be sent during the making of your piece.

Payment will be through paypal only.

Some examples of past commission work (Please note: All of the below work is NOT available, they are all in their respective homes):

Starry Night Tardis: I had a lot of fun with this commission. The customer wanted a 3D representation of the 10th episode of Series 5 of Dr. Who. I handcarved Starry Night into a layer of clay then handpainted before attaching a fully handmade and handpainted Tardis. I used transluscent clay for the windows which gave them a nice warm, frosty glow when the light shines through. It really turned out marvelously. The last thing I painted was a requested quote by the customer, “I am and always be the optimist, the keeper of far-flung hopes, and the dreamer of improbable dreams.”









Frog Imp:  bas-relief plaque with handmade tree bark frame. I taught myself a new technique with this one. I loved making the frame look like old, mossy, layered bark. Giving depth to my work is something that I really like to do and this one was no exception. Frog Imp is happily sitting with his mushroom friend in the moonlit forest. My customer was very happy with the results, as was I.









Jack and the Beanstalk 3D plaque. My customer loves the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and I wanted to capture Jack in solitary thought after he found the golden eggs. He is thinking of how this egg will change his life when he returns home.


Hecate bas-relief wall altar plaque: This commission turned out gorgeous! My customer wanted a wall altar with Hecate. I designed it all myself with symbols of Hecate throughout the piece. The customer also requested a horned moon at the top. Everything came together so perfectly. I added the bowl at the bottom for offerings, giving it a nice brass sheen and edged it with an opal clay.



Green Man bas-relief plaque; My customer wanted to honor a friend that had passed. I sculpted his face to match a photograph that was provided, then he was made into the Green Man, leaving enough of his face showing so that you can tell that it is him. The owl represents the Goddess and he was a maker of swords.
Handpainted Day of the Dead spirit board with matching skeleton hand planchette. My customer wished to honor her grandmother’s heritage with this Dia De Los Muertos board. She wanted bright colors and symbolism.
Red Tail Hawk bas-relief plaque. My customer’s spirit animal is a red-tailed hawk and he wanted one in flight. I thought the spirit of the hawk was captured nicely in the finished result.
I was asked to paint the customer’s pug as the Madonna; This is an earlier work of art, before I began using clays. Pugdonna.



Here are more examples of my work that were not commissions. These are shown to give you further examples of my range.

Fairy ring dance bas-relief plaque. I was really happy with the way this work of art turned out. A young girl is always told not to step within a ring of the fae, but she can’t resist any longer. At twilight she steps inside the ring and the fae join her in dance.
Storybook Unicorn bas-relief plaque. I adore how the unicorn look as if it will step out of the plaque at any moment. The breeze is slightly blowing it’s long mane while it stand in the enchanted forest.


The Wishing Fish 3D sculpture. This is not a plaque so much as it is a tabletop sculpture. This fish is the fish from the Chinese version of Cinderella, with the fish being the fairy godmother figure. This one was made for someone that loved this story growing up. I wanted to make the fish seem as it swam up to you and was ready to give advice and grant a wish for you. I painted the body and only made the head and fins as clay that way it gives the impression that the fish is indeed partly underwater. It was a fun piece to create.
Lighted bas-relief Pandora plaque. A lovely representation of the moment that Pandora opens her box. I made the escaped terrors lit. They were also done in glow-in-the-dark clay so that they glow when the lights are turned off as well.
Rose Owl bas-relief plaque. The person loves owls and roses and it was a perfect way to combine them. The owl seems ready to visit someone in the castle.


Shakespeare shoes with quotes about tongues on the tongues and quotes about heels on the heels.
Variety of bas-relief plaques.